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Detect cancers earlier, cheaper & more accurate

Blood test for cancer screening using PCR

Save lives with early cancer detection

Cancer is the second leading cause of death now and is estimated to be the No.1 cause of death globally by the mid-2020s. Multi-cancer early detection could lead to a 40% reduction in cancer deaths.

Screen 12+ cancers in one test

miRoncol can detect 12+ types of solid tumor cancers accountable for ~60% of total cancer death today.

High Accuracy

miRoncol test can detect early stage cancers with high detection rate while keep false positive rate low.

Non-invasive and convenient

miRoncol test is based on a simple blood draw and can be done at annual check up.

Low cost and easy to scale up

miRoncol brings an affordable solution that can be done through PCR which is mature and cheaper. It can also expand and roll out worldwide more quickly.


miRNA based technology

Breakthrough made possible with miRNA

Promising biomarkers for disease diagnosis and prognosis

Basic properties
  • Discovered in 1993

  • Short single-stranded

  • Stable and detectable in blood

  • Non-coding

  • Regulate gene expression

  • Different expression profile in cancer patients

Scientific rigor


Types of Cancer are supported and more are coming


Specificity, i.e. <1% as false postive.


Sensitivity, i.e. ~90% cancer detection rate.


blood samples used for model development and validation.



A peer-reviewed publication.

At the 2021 World Conference on Lung Cancer, our study was not only selected for oral presentation, but also highlighted in the Meeting News.

Poster presentation at the 2022 Annual Meeting of American Association for Cancer Research.

Poster presentation at 2022 Annual Meeting of American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Poster presentation at 2023 European Society for Medical Oncology Congress Meeting

Barriers to cancer screening
Missed opportunities for early detection
Peace of mind

>30% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

>15% of Americans will die from cancer in their lifetime.

Cancer is the #1 leading cause of death for Americans younger than 65 years old.

Early detection of cancers can save lives by increasing the survival rate by 7-12 times.

Cancer touches all of us.


You can help make a change.

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