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Detect cancers earlier, cheaper
& more accurate

A non-invasive blood-based cancer screening 

Save lives with early cancer detection

Cancer is the #2 leading cause of death now and is estimated to be the #1 cause of death globally by the mid-2020s. Multi-cancer early detection could lead to a 40% reduction in cancer deaths.

Multi-cancer Early Detection

miRoncol can detect 12 cancer types and will expand to more.

Non-invasive Test

miRoncol test is based on a simple blood draw.

High Accuracy

miRoncol test demonstrates superior performance with high specificity and sensitivity.

Low Cost

miRoncol brings an affordable solution that can be done through RT-PCR which is mature and cheaper.

Scientific Proven Performance 


Types of Cancer are supported and more are coming


Specificity, i.e. only <1% of positive results have no cancer.


Sensitivity, i.e. ~85% of actual cancer cases are detected.


blood samples for initial validation with statistical significance. 


International Association for The Study of Lung Cancer

2021 World Lung Cancer Conference

Oral Presentation

American Association for Cancer Research 2022Annual Meeting

Post Presentation

American Society of Clinic Oncology

2022 Annual Meeting 

Post Presentation

Be part of the Innovation to save more lives from cancer

No matter who you are, cancer is relevant.


Be part of the change to bring the breakthrough invention to market.


Let's save more lives together!

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