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High Performance 
Blood-based miRNA Diagnostic Model for Multi-cancer Detection

An innovation enabled with deep expertise in bioinformatics on cancer research

Patent-pending Invention with Superior Performance

The first-ever miRNA-based multi-cancer detection model


miRNA is widely recognized as a promising biomarker for disease diagnostics. miRoncol developed the first miRNA-based multi-cancer detection model.

Unmatched accuracy from the industry

At 99.9% specificity, sensitivity showed consistently high across 12 cancers with x range from xxx - to xxx. 

12 types of cancer that have a significant impact if detected earlier

Lung cancer 





Initial validation on a large dataset


Our invention has been validated on a large public dataset with over 7000 blood samples providing a strong statistical significance.

miRNA or microRNA - Nobel-wining

miRNA as diagnostics biomarker for cancer 

Related to Gene expression

miRNA is stable and can be handled by existing facilities. No special or expensive equipment required

MCED is proven market - NIH, Grail

From extraction, to analysis, to xxx, end of end handling can levarage existing infrastructure. 

Based on circulating miRNA, it only requires a blood draw. Therefore, it is non-invasive.

miRNA extraction and test can be done at any lab with an RT-PCR machine which is widely available.

Solid Scientific Foundation
Technical Implementation

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