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Detect Cancers Early with a Simple Blood Test

Cancer Early Screening Delivered through Exisiting Infrastructure

Step 1  - Blood Draw

With prescription from phsycician or offered through labs with the capacity, patients only need to take a simple blood draw as one of the most widely available ways of non-invasive patient-friendly diagnostic tests.

Step 2 - miRNA Biomaker Extract

Blood samples collected can be processed on-site with one of the most common equipment many labs own to extract miRNA and test its sequence similar to what every one is now familiar with COVID-19 test.

Step 3 - Biomarker analysis

Powered by miRoncol invention, a unique biomaker analysis can be done based on the miRNA biomarks. 

Step 4 - Accurate Report for mulitple cancer types 

At 99.5% specificity, miRoncol can provide a report on 12 cancer types for their positivity with a high sensitivity (about 80% or more). Among the 12 cancer types currently identified, many of them have very high impact on people's lives including lung cancer, ovian cancer, pancrest cancer etc.

Accurate & Affordable 
Cancer Screening Convenient for Every One

Our solution is enabled by an innovative diagnostics model invented by our CoFounder and Chief Scientific Offer Dr. Hu who is a renowed bioinformatics scientist in cancer research. The invention is made possible combining his deep expertise in the domain as well as his competence with sophisticated bioinformatics tools such as machine learning. Unlike many other emerging cancer early detection technology that rely on DNA sequencing and/or other complicated algorithms, our test can be done in a much cheaper way using our prororiatery modeling and analysis. The ultimate goal is to develop IVD kit that support RT-PCR testing that can be done conveniently at any labs without relying on centralized test facility.

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